You work hard to make your community better, but sometimes your organization’s resources don’t go far enough. What can you do when you’re left with a gap between what needs to be done and what you’re able to do?

Amp Up Your Work

Using technology strategically can help you and your organization narrow the divide. You can

  • Engage new supporters and keep existing supporters interested with email newsletters and social networking.
  • Get more from the technology you’ve purchased by training your staff.
  • Bypass previously insurmountable barriers by taking innovative approaches to long-standing problems.

Is your organization seeing a gap but doesn’t know where to start? That’s where Powered Pursuits comes in. Powered Pursuits helps nonprofit organizations and social enterprises understand, implement, and evaluate technology tools. Whether you’re an organization that needs a general on-call technology advisor or one that needs a pair of skilled hands for a specific project, Powered Pursuits can help.